How Many Grams of Cooked Rice in a Cup

Measuring cooked rice in cups is a common practice in many kitchens, but it can be tricky because the volume-to-weight ratio of cooked rice can vary depending on factors such as rice type, moisture content, and how you pack the cup. In this guide, we’ll provide a simple method to help you estimate the number of grams of cooked rice in a cup. Remember that this is an approximate measurement, and actual results may vary.

Use a Standard Measuring Cup

To maintain consistency, it’s essential to use a standard measuring cup for this estimation. A standard measuring cup in the United States is typically 240 milliliters (ml) or 8 fluid ounces (fl. oz.). This standard measuring cup is often used in recipes and cooking instructions.

Cook and Fluff the Rice

Before you can measure cooked rice in a cup, you need to cook the rice. Follow your preferred method for cooking the rice, whether it’s boiling, steaming, or using a rice cooker. Once the rice is cooked, fluff it with a fork to separate the grains and ensure even moisture distribution.

Measure the Cooked Rice

Take your standard measuring cup and scoop a portion of the cooked rice into it. It’s essential to keep the rice tightly in the cup. Instead, allow it to fill the cup naturally without pressing it down.

Once the cup is full, level off the rice by running a flat edge (like the back of a knife or a spatula) across the top of the measuring cup to remove excess rice. This creates a flat, even surface of rice in the cup.

Weigh the Cooked Rice

Now that you have your measured cup of cooked rice, it’s time to weigh it to determine how many grams it contains. Use a kitchen scale to do this. Place the empty container (in this case, your standard measuring cup) on the scale and tare it to zero (this accounts for the cup’s weight). Then, gently pour the rice from the cup into the container on the scale. The scale will display the weight in grams.

Note the Weight

The weight in grams will represent how many grams of cooked rice are in one standard measuring cup. This weight may vary depending on the rice type, moisture content, and how loosely or tightly you filled the cup. It’s important to note that the weight you obtain will be specific to your cooking method and the specific batch of rice you’ve prepared.

Repeat for Accuracy

For the most accurate results, you can repeat this process a few times with different portions of cooked rice to get an average weight. This can help account for minor variations in moisture content and packing density.

Common Results

In general, you can expect the weight of cooked rice in one standard measuring cup to be around 180-200 grams. However, this can vary:

Short-grain white rice: Closer to 180-190 grams per cup.
Long-grain white rice: Closer to 190-200 grams per cup.
Brown rice: Closer to 200-210 grams per cup.
Sticky (glutinous) rice: Closer to 200-220 grams per cup.
These measurements are rough estimates and can differ slightly based on your specific cooking conditions and the rice you use. For the most precise measurements, weighing the rice is always recommended.


Measuring the number of grams of cooked rice in a cup is a practical way to estimate portion sizes and follow recipes accurately. While there are general guidelines for the weight of cooked rice in a cup, the actual weight can vary based on factors like rice type and moisture content. Using a standard measuring cup and a kitchen scale, you can determine the weight of cooked rice for your specific batch and cooking method, ensuring that your culinary creations are consistent and satisfying.

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